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The Surfer Body Workout


The temperatures are rising, the ocean is heating up as a result of the warm summer sun, and scantily clad surfers showing off their sculpted physiques as they head out to shred some gnarly waves. Even if your surfing skills need a little bit of work, you can still strengthen your entire body by incorporating these four outdoor exercises into your routine to boost your confidence as you slip into that swimsuit and strut your stuff on the sand this summer.

How it works: Perform this workout as a circuit, doing each for 30 seconds with minimal rest (15 seconds or less) between exercises. Rest 30 seconds after the last exercise. Repeat the entire circuit three more times.

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Renegade Rows: Place a set of dumbbells on the floor and set yourself up in pushup position with feet hip-width apart and hands holding dumbbells. Keeping core engaged and hips and shoulders squared to the ground, perform a single-arm row with right hand: Pull right dumbbell to waist, pointing elbow directly to the ceiling. Lower weight back to the floor and repeat on the left side. Continue alternating arms.

 Surfer Steps: Kneel on left knee with right foot on the ground. Push off right heel and jump left foot in front of right, turning feet and body to face right as you squat. Pivot on right foot and release to a modified lunge with left foot forward and right knee on the ground behind you. Bring left knee back to meet right. Repeat move on the opposite side, leading with left foot. (For a low-impact version, skip the hop and step back foot up front before squatting.) Continue alternating sides.
 Unstable Mountain Climbers: Anchor a stability ball against a wall or sturdy park bench and come to a full plank position with hands on the ball and toes on the ground. Maintaining alignment, drive right knee into chest. As you step right foot back, switch sides and draw left knee into the chest. Alternate knees to chest as quickly as possible to up the intensity and increase the stability challenge.
 Duck Dive Pushup and Plank: Begin in a modified high-plank position with hands placed wide at the edges of the mat, left knee on the ground, and the right leg extended with the top of the foot on the mat. Prepare to “duck dive,” bending elbows and allowing them to flare just slightly out to the sides as you lower chest toward the ground for a pushup without changing the position of the legs. Press back up and open to a side plank, lifting right arm to the sky while keeping left shoulder stacked over left wrist. After 15 seconds, repeat sequence on the opposite side for 15 seconds.



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