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Tough Mudder's Newest Challenge? Tear Gas

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder, the 10-12 mile team-based race for those of the kamikaze variety, is unveiling new challenges on January 13th. And one of those will be tear gas. A whole tent-full.

Yes, ​to finish this year's Tough Mudder, participants will have to run through mud, water, fire, and a gas most often used for quashing riots. “Cry Baby” joins out-there obstacles like "Electroshock Therapy," where survivalists dodge a forest of electrically-charged wires and "Human Pyramid," which requires teammates to climb on top of each other to scale a 12 foot slanted wall.

One tester told Sports Illustrated that traversing the tent was like "having Sriracha poured into every one of our tiny cuts and abrasions." Sounds...horrifying.

What could possibly come next? We've come up with a few hypothetical courses that are in no way associated with Tough Mudder, but wouldn't shock us if they showed up on future courses. (If Tough Mudders wants to steal our ideas, they can keep the royalties. And the inevitable lawsuits.)

  • "Chile Dog":  a shower of pepper spray that runners dive through into a litter of rabid, scab-ridden poodles.
  • "Office Max": runners wade through a pool of push-pins and crawl through a pipe drenched in hand sanitzer.
  • "Air Bud": runners suck from a helium tank and dunk on a 30 foot flaming basket ball hoop.

Thankfully, none of the above will be announced on Tuesday as part of their new courses (as far as we know). And, in the light of the 2013 death during the race's "Walk the Plank" obstacle, we hope they won't be.

Prospective racers (masochists?), you have been warned.

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