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Try Zumba Sentao Today with Exclusive Video Workouts


Zumba Fitness fans, get ready to work up a sweat! One of the program's newest offerings, Zumba Sentao, takes the thrill of the fitness party and partners it with explosive, chair-based choreography to help you strengthen and build muscles, stabilize your core, improve endurance, and increase bone density, all the while providing a great cardio workout!

We were able to try Zumba Sentao with Zumba Fitness founder Beto Perez last fall, and it was a heart-pounding good time. "This is a great option for first-time Zumba students, because the program combines dance and fitness with traditional moves like squats, lunges, and crunches," Perez told SHAPE previously.

Ready to join the party? Find a Zumba Sentao class near you.

Still need a little convincing? Scroll down to check out these videos from Zumba to catch the workout in action and learn three basic choreography combinations. We'll feature these routines exclusively for the month of February—so you won't see them anywhere else!


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