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I recently had a postcard day: the rare kind when the weather is perfect and you find yourself in a scene just begging to be photographed. (Check out the pics!) Dave and I were hiking on the Overlook Trail in
Woodstock, New York, and the fall foliage was at its prime—bright orange and yellow trees lined the trail. At about 3 miles, we reached
the remains of a house that burned down nearly a century ago. (And now trees are growing where there was once a living room!) A half-mile later we reached the summit, where the view was unbelievable—we were
looking down on the entire Catskill Mountain range. I didn't get too close to the edge but it was still scary and completely breathtaking.

It had been a while since I'd done something active outdoors instead of in the gym, and that taste of fresh air has me hooked. In New York City you get a small dose of fall before the bitter cold of winter arrives, and I'm going to take advantage it. You should, too! Come on, do something—anything—active outdoors this weekend. Apple picking,
strolling your neighborhood, and getting in a fall bike ride with your
kids all count!





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