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Water Running: We Tried It!


When my running buddy Steph injured her foot, she started taking a 45-minute deep-water running class. (You wear a flotation belt that keeps you buoyant and “run” in the water.) The other night I joined her, thinking we could jog together like we used to and catch up. I figured the workout would be pretty easy...WRONG!

After only a few minutes of hoofing it against the resistance of the water, I was huffing and puffing. By changing the distance and pace at which we swung our legs we were able to push our bodies the same way we would during land runs, getting in hill training and speed intervals. Yes, there were recovery periods of “power walking,” but doing that in a pool is much harder than it sounds! Not to mention that my floatation belt didn’t seem to really keep me afloat—I had to really tighten my core and focus on keeping my shoulders back to prevent my head from going under water. My soreness the next day proved I had worked my legs and butt big time. Maybe the answer to looking good in a bikini by summer is slipping into one now!


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