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We Tried It: Boot Camp with 50 Cent’s Trainer!


You’ve seen 50 Cent right? Huge guy, we’re talking ripped, must work out for hours every day. And we can only imagine he has an equally intimidating trainer screaming in his sweating face, throwing massive weights around, and bench pressing more than the combined weight of an entire family. So when SHAPE assistant editor Mallory Crevling e-mailed the office asking if we’d like to do a boot camp with 50’s trainer Jay Cardiello you’d be surprised how many tiny female editors were in! In fact, only ladies showed up for this workout and I was first in line! But to be fair, I’ve been editing Jay's blogs for months and knew he was sort of a softy. At the same time, when reading through Jay’s workouts I test his moves and know how deceptively hard they can be!

We met Jay for a workout in the park in the exact same location where he trained 50 Cent and got right into a warm up that never seemed to stop. The entire routine flowed from one exercise to the next and just when you think you lift that leg or rotate your arm any longer we’d switch directions and do it again! Like all of his workouts, our boot camp focused on continues motion and working one side followed by the other to really engage those stabilizing muscles (my standing leg has never gotten such a workout). 

At the end of the workout we were all pretty relieved to rest our arms and legs but no one had to hobble home. Jay told us he doesn’t like to kill his clients. As a trainer, he needs to learn what works for each individual.  He wants his clients to walk away feeling like they had a tough workout but could do just a little bit more. Not like they are going to die. A very refreshing philosophy after some of the pain-inducing workouts we’ve tried here at SHAPE.

Some of my favorite moves (and by favorite I mean deceivingly hard) from boot camp include:


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