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We Tried It: Brazilian Butt Lift with Leandro Carvalho


If you are looking for a way to sculpt and shape your booty without surgery, we have the workout for you!

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my coworkers and I had the opportunity to visit Atlantic City for a new three-day health and fitness expo called Sweat AC. In addition to attending media roundtables, we had the opportunity to try a bunch of classes, one of which was celebrity trainer Leandro Carvalho's "Brazilian Butt Lift." As the trainer who whips the Victoria's Secret angels into shape before the annual VS fashion show, Carvalho has quite an impressive roster of clients who swear by his work, and for good reason—it works!

When it comes to bodyweight workouts, Carvalho's fits in somewhere between a Zumba class and a traditional bootcamp. There were squats and jumping squats, as well as dance moves and jumping jacks. We used almost no equipment except for a hand towel, which we placed on the floor to step on during certain moves such as lunges to challenge our muscles (paper towels and sliders work just as well. If you're looking to take your workout up a notch, check out this paper plate workout). We kept moving the entire time, and by the end of the class my lower body was burning.

Want to see the workout in action yourself? Check out this video below of Carvalho working with supermodel Alessandria Ambrosio before last year's VS fashion show.



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