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We Tried It: Madonna Monster Cycling Class


What do you get when you mix nonstop Madonna music together with videos and spin class? One hilariously over-the-top, interactive workout that doesn't even feel like exercise! producer Melissa Katz and I are both big fans of Madonna and cycling classes, so when we had the opportunity to take a Madonna-themed indoor cycling class at Equinox, we were there as fast as we could put on our fingerless gloves. After debating whether we should go in full '80s costume or not (Melissa did; I wasn't confident enough), we headed to Equinox and waited for class to begin.

When the instructor Michael Macneal (creator of the Monster Cycle, offered exclusively at Equinox) arrived, he turned off the lights, turned on the music and videos, and we were off for the 75-minute class. The most important thing Michael told us to focus on was finding the beat to the music, which meant each person could pedal at his or her own pace as long as as he or she had a rough idea of where the beat was. This made for a stress-free workout environment, which was great. Still, 75 minutes is pretty long for a cycling class, and the constant music and darkness was overwhelming at times. That's why we were so excited for the surprise "voguer" who came in and danced for us (pictured below)!


Overall, Melissa and I agreed that this was a class unlike any otherand we mean that in a good way.

"Michael is one of my favorite cycling teachers because he instructs his classes with so much upbeat energy and zest," Melissa said. "This class was no different. The use of edgy music, dance performances, and positive mantras made the 75 minutes fly! He’s a real cycling enthusiast and it shows."

What do you think? Are you a fan of cycling classes? What's been your favorite experience?


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