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Weekly Video Series Aims to Take the Mystery Out of Fitness

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Raise your hand if you've ever gone to a spin class and been totally confused as you watched everyone around you hop on their bikes, clip their feet (clad in the perfect proper spin shoes, of course) to the pedals, and waited expectantly for the instructor to dim the lights and start class, all while you're still in a panic on how to adjust your seat height. We see you, boo—and don't worry, you're far from alone.

NYC makeup artist Julia Dalton-Brush founded Fit Journey when she realized that a lot of people, including herself, were too intimidated to head to the gym and work out, or were loathe to try new fitness classes or recipes because they didn't know what to do. Despite the myriad magazines, websites, and resources dedicated to health and fitness, there are very few that successfully reach beginning athletes or those who are re-entering the health and fitness space after a long hiatus. Fit Journey Foundations aims to be the "pre-site" to all those sites, Dalton-Brush says.

"I wanted to take away any and all anxieties that go along with working out and living a healthier lifestyle,” she said in an official press release. “Changing your lifestyle or starting a new nutrition and fitness regiment is hard enough, there is no need to add anxiety to it.”

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As part of Fit Journey, Dalton-Brush is launching a new video series called Foundations on August 1. Each week, Dalton-Brush will choose a different aspect of fitness and nutrition for a step-by-step video breakdown to help you take the mystery out of getting healthy once and for all. Scroll below to catch an exclusive peek of her first video and learn how to set up your spin bike like a pro—soon you'll be spinning with the best of them! And check their site weekly for more videos.



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