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What's the Best Workout for Your Personality Type?


Have you ever walked into a gym and felt like none of the machines really “spoke” to you? Or, did you finally try your friend’s favorite class, but wound up attempting an Irish goodbye before it was even half over? We get it. Not everyone was designed to be a goddess of sweat. But, don’t you fret; there is an exercise style out there that, once you try it, will seem like it was designed just for you.

Ahead, we’ve created a fun quiz to determine the best workout for your muscles and mind.

What are you most guilty of?
A. Lying, cheating, stealing
B. Abusing emojis
C. Considering frozen yogurt a food group
D. I'll never tell

Your favorite fitness instructor is someone who:
A. Me! I don't need anyone else
B. Blasts a killer playlist
C. Focuses on form and will adjust me if needed
D. Pushes me to bring out my best effort

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