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When to Work Out

Confession: I haven’t been to the gym in months. But I have a very good reason…I’m a new mom! During my maternity leave, I could never seem to carve out time for the gym. But because my little guy barely napped, I took lots of walks just to get us out of the house. Some days I’d take one hour-and-a-half trek around my neighborhood, others I took a quick stroll to the coffee shop in the morning and then a longer walk to the park in the afternoon. But no matter what, I got moving every single day.

But now that that I’m back to work and only have a few hours home with the baby per day, I can’t figure out how to keep exercise in my schedule. I’m thinking I can swap some of our evening playtime for a walk—maybe even have my husband come along so we can catch up on our days. Any other suggestions? Working moms, tell me: How do you fit in exercise?


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