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Where in the world is Matt Lauer?


If you’re a Today show fan like me, you know they’ve been broadcasting from Grouse Mountain—a ski resort about a half-hour from Vancouver—during the Olympics. And guess who happened to go there today? Yours truly! (But about five hours after the broadcast, so Matt and Meredith were long gone.) No worries, I still had a blast!

My first stop was the Oakley Rolling O Lab, a lens research facility that’s housed in a 40-foot tractor-trailer. On board, an Oakley rep demonstrated how they test the company’s eyewear before it hits store shelves. My favorite part is shown in the photo to the left: watching a ball bearing shot at 102 mph at a sunglass lens (it left just a tiny scratch). You may think that sort of thing would never happen in real life, but if you bike, it’s similar to gravel flying off a truck or a car kicking up a pebble—and it can blind you. So it’s pretty cool to know that a pair of sunglasses can protect you!

After lunch, I hit the slopes with an instructor named Kaitlyn to see how my new Oakley pants, jacket, and goggles fared on the snow. Because of the unseasonably warm winter Grouse has had (it was 50 degrees today!) the conditions were rough, but we still managed to get three fun runs in—we just had to do a little swerving to avoid dirt patches and rocks along the way. My new pants are lined with Thinsulate, so I didn’t need the two baselayers I usually wear on my legs. And the goggle lens (designed for high-sun conditions) was perfect for the spring-like day. I may not have seen the Today show folks, but I still had an awesome day on Grouse. 


Check out my new snowboarding jacket! It's from the Gretchen Bleiler collection from Oakley... so cute! 



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