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Why Rowing Is the New Spinning

City Row

Spin class is so 2013. The fitness trend people can't get enough of this year? Rowing! Thanks in large part to workouts like CrossFit that incorporate the rowing machine, the trend is no longer just associated with blonde prep-school boys wearing cardigans but is instead enjoying a renaissance nationwide. 

"We're seeing a huge migration from spin to rowing," Jay Blahnik, a southern California trainer and group-fitness adviser for Equinox, which recently added a slew of new row-based classes in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and New York, among other cities, told Details magazine recently. "Spinning isn't dead, but it has been put on notice."

People often think of rowing as a solely upper-body workout, but when done correctly, your core and legs can get in on the action as well. Additionally rowing is easy on the joints, so if you're recovering from an injury or simply feel as though you can't take another mile pounding the pavement or bent over on the bicycle, rowing can be an enjoyable alternative that also maximizes your calorie-burning potential. In fact, rowing may be better than spinning at strengthening your upper back, because it forces you to straighten and open up your body, whereas in Spin classes you sit hunched over in the same position you tend to sit in at your desk, so you're not activating those muscles, thereby weakening them. 

Thinking of ditching the treadmill for the rower? With rowing-dedicated studios popping up in New York, L.A., Chicago, and New Jersey, there are plenty of options. Our friends at Refinery29 tried out CityRow, a recently opened studio, and attended the Row&Flow class (perfect for yogis, as it incorporates vinyasa moves) and Signature Row (a high-intensity class that incorporates moves on and off the rowing machine). The verdict? It may not be for everyone, but if you want to leave class feeling energized, clear-headed, and sweaty, it might be worth a try! [Click here to read the full story on Refinery29!]


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