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Why You Need a Lunchtime Quickie

Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

I’m always jealous when I see a co-worker head out the door at noon carrying a gym bag. I’d love to work out at lunch, but I let guilt (“I shouldn’t leave during work hours”) and timing (“My inbox is loaded!”) stop me. But last week, it hit me: My hang-ups are really just excuses. Devoting an hour to the gym could actually make me more productive. If I knew I was going to be out for a bit I’d be more aware of how I spend my time here (that means fewer chats at the printer), and the energy boost I’d get would help me tackle my to-do list when I got back to my desk.
    With all this in mind, on Friday I took a midday sculpting class. Even though I felt a conscience-attack when a co-worker asked where I was off to, the stress-busting hour was well worth it. The instructor took us through head-to-toe strength-training exercises that left my arms and legs comfortably tired. At the end of the class we spent five minutes in corpse pose (face up on a mat with our eyes closed) as the teacher told us to picture an ocean and the sound of waves (so relaxing). Post-workout, I dabbed off sweat with the Clean & Clear wipes I’d stocked in my bag and got out of the locker room in no time. Forget the afternoon slump—when I returned to my desk I was bright-eyed, chipper, and ready to knock off my checklist.



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