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Working out with Serena Williams

Today's blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape senior associate editor

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes my way that makes me think, 'Wow, this is my job?' Last Wednesday was definitely one of them. I arrived at a huge SoHo loft for a Nike event, and all of a sudden Serena Williams and John McEnroe walked in.

Serena chatted about the new Nike kicks (see the photo, below) she helped design. The Nike Air Max Trainer One (available in August at, to coincide with the U.S. Open) was inspired by the sneakers John wore in the '80s. Then John took over as interviewer, and quizzed Serena on her on-court jewelry (she always test-drives what she wears, because she once had an earring catch on the net during a match!) and her sneaker collection (she "only" owns eight pairs-compared to hundreds of stilettos.)


Afterward, Serena, me, and 30 other editors put the new Trainer Ones to the test during a tough Dynamic Yoga class. Developed by Nike trainer Kim Blake, the routine blends traditional yoga with high-intensity moves like jumps. While I'm not used to wearing shoes during yoga, the lightweight sneaks gave me the traction I needed to leap up from plank to tree pose (though, sadly, they couldn't comfort my screaming thighs). Check out the pics from my dream workout night below! 




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