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Workout of the Week: Slideboarding

Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, SHAPE’s senior associate fitness editor

Remember when you’d slide across the kitchen floor in socks as a kid? You can get that “whoo-hoo!” experience all over again—and burn crazy calories in the process—with slideboarding. I recently took my first hour-long class at Physical Mind Studio in Manhattan.

The class instructor Lauren warmed us up on the floor with squats, and then we stood beside the board and practiced coasting from one foot back-and-forth to get a feel for the surface. From there, I gingerly stepped onto it and tried pushing off a bumper with my right foot and leading with my left to glide to the other side a move that mimics a speedskater.

The hardest part? Getting into a low, athletic stance—butt out and squatting down low—and staying there as I moved from bumper to bumper. Once we’d gotten the hang of sliding, Lauren put on a fast-paced playlist, and we did intervals of quick and slow, burn-in-your-thighs sliding. Next she had us start over while holding a weighted ball in each hand. The weights force you to focus on your balance as you pump your arms and pick up the pace. The swishing was capped off with lunges, mountain climbers, and plank poses on the board.

By the end of the session, my legs were quivering. But even though the workout was tough, I found myself smiling throughout it—just like I did during my kitchen “sliding” as a kid!


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