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Workout of the Week: Training C.A.M.P.

Today's blogger: Rachel Zavala, Shape's fitness intern

Led by former NFL player, Curtis Williams, Training C.A.M.P. (cardiovascular agility and muscle performance) is a group-fitness class held in Central Park. The class is modeled after the workouts that elite athletes do to improve their speed, agility, and strength.


The hour-long session started with drills that involved squatting, jumping, and running through a speed ladder and hurdles-with a resistance tube around my ankles! (Check out the photo, left) Moves like jump squats are pretty tough on their own, but with the added resistance, my legs were burning after only a few reps.




Next we did a quarter-mile run around the Park's conservatory...with the tubes still around our ankles. Having my feet tethered made me focus on using my core, something I rarely think about when I run. After catching our breath, we all stood facing away from park benches with a resistance band connecting us to the bench. Then, like cartoon characters stuck in place, we ran (but couldn't go anywhere because of the resistance!) This move was killer for my thighs.


Just when I thought my knees couldn't lift themselves anymore, we did a few more laps around the conservatory with sprints mixed in. And then one final challenge: lunges. By the time we got to the cooldown, my body was aching and my legs were shaking.

The next day I felt the satisfying soreness that comes from a challenging workout. Want to give it a try? Go to for info or click here for more outdoor workout ideas.



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