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Working out at home...or not

Now that I live in an apartment building that has a gym, ironically I find that I’m actually working out less. Besides the fact that I've been extra busy at work, I'm not doing anything differently in my day-to-day; and I do miss my intense daily workouts (I feel so much better after a little cardio)! Since I'm not carrying around my gym clothes to and from work anymore, I'm less aware of fitting the gym into my schedule. If I bring my gym clothes to work, in my mind, I've already carved out time that day to go to the gym...if not, I wouldn't have bothered to bring my gear with me. Now, unless I have the morning motivation to get my butt moving, after work I'm being careless with my time. I’ve been catching up on TV shows, organizing my closet, and attempting tricky recipes in my much bigger kitchen; and I never seem to make it to the gym after dinner like I’ve promised myself. (How does my boss Valerie, the editor in chief, do it all with two kids, a house, and a three hour commute everyday?! I am seriously inspired by her.)

I wonder if anyone else has a similar problem? Could working out in your own home actually be less motivating than getting yourself to go the gym? I have to get back on track with my workouts though and if it means getting up early every morning so that I don’t put it off at night, I’m doing it.


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