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Working out in NYC… Not Just at the Gym


After I found my apartment, I went to check out where the closest New York Sports Club was. Since I live in the East Village, the closest one is on Irving Place, right by Union Square aka in the heart of NYU. I guess I forgot or maybe I blocked  out what it was like to go to a “college” gym. If you have also “forgotten,” let me refresh your memory. There is always a wait to get on the machines, which is mostly caused by the girls with the ponytails on top of their heads who spend one-plus hour(s) on the elliptical moving so fast their legs are a blur, while flipping through trashy magazines. How they move that fast and read at the same time is beyond me. Then there are the guys in either 1. wife beaters 2. Under Armour or 3. some sort of fratty t-shirt, showing off their muscles or upping their cool factor with whatever slogan, logo or vacation spot is on their t-shirt.  College gym-goers, don’t be offended because I was obviously a part of this (and it’s an important part of the college experience). I’m just saying I thought I was done with that. And two tips: girls, there are other machines aside from the elliptical and guys, a plain Hanes t-shirt doesn’t make you less cool. It’s not a fashion show, for anyone. You’re at the gym and you’re supposed to look gross.

As I said, at one point in time I was that girl on the elliptical (minus the magazines), but I’ve started to venture to other machines and hardly use it anymore. To preface this, I have asthma so I have always had a fear of running even though my doctors say if I use my inhalers I can do it. Still, after a few bad asthma attacks during an attempt at running, a person gets a little intimidated. The thing was, the elliptical wasn’t doing it for me. I would be listening to the best exercise playlists and all I wanted to do was go fast, but I was limited. So I decided to start running. But, more to come about my regimen in the upcoming months when my goal is to work out at least four times a week. 

Another great form of exercise in the city is walking as much as you can. Of course it’s tempting to take a cab or hop on the subway even though you are only going twelve blocks. What I’ve done is create a radius of how far I will walk. Not only do I save money, but it’s also an easy way to stay in shape. I max out at about twenty-five blocks.  The best is when you have Pandora or 8tracks on, which you can’t listen to on the subway, and you bop to your music while walking. Oh, and an even better form of exercise while in the city… walkup buildings. You may get a little dizzy because of the narrow twisting stairs, but it’s a mini version of the StairMaster, and it works your legs while getting your cardio going—not to mention, it tightens that butt.


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