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A workout buddy: the only problem


So I was beyond excited when friend in my hometown said she wanted to do the triathlon with me! A training workout buddy she was: we were out mornings running, biking, and chatting. Time passed quickly and it was fun. She also did the 5K with me recently, but pulled a muscle. And then I didn't hear much from her. She couldn't meet up. And I started to dread the inevitable: her pulling out. So when she sent the e-mail to me, saying that she wasn't ready to do a triathlon, my heart sank and I started to get a bit depressed about going it all alone. In fact, I felt alone.

But then I thought to myself: no one is ever on the same path at the same time in life. Pairing up with a workout buddy is great, but your progress is never equal, your motivation is never exactly the same at the same time, and your schedules are probably completely different (as ours were: I wanted to be up at 5:30 a.m. training, she preferred 6:30). So while a workout buddy can help in your progress in many cases, you need to maintain your own internal compass and drive...particularly to shore you up in situations like this.

I realized after feeling dejected, that I could still ride with my workout buddy on some mornings (which she agreed to do) but that my reason for doing a tri was not for her (or because of her). It was for me; it was something that I needed to do for myself. That old cliché about everyone marching to the beat of a different drummer is true.

 So onward and upward as I like to say!


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