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The Best Workout Leggings for Spring

Nova Expression

Is there a wardrobe staple more versatile and comfortable than leggings? No, no there is not (and don't let anyone ever try to tell you that leggings aren't pants). What else can take you from the gym to the office to the grocery store to the bar? Nothing, that's what. 

And there's no better time than spring to update your wardrobe. You use this time to clean house, update financials, and start a new healthy diet, so why not do the same with your workout wardrobe and go with some new picks to start your season off on a fresh and fun note? Ditch the dark, heavy fabrics and stretchy black pairs and go for bright colors, vivid patterns, and delicate pastels instead. 

Our friends at Refinery29 rounded up the best leggings for every workout and budget. Whether you're more of a yogi or a serious runner, find the pair for you and rest easy knowing that your leggings will be working out just as hard as you are. [Click here to read the full story at Refinery29!]


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