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You Are Human, Right?

After I started working in the fitness industry, I would inevitably run into people that took my classes out and about. I also started to notice that some of them would act, well, weird when I ran into them. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and after about a year of this, I ran into a participant of one my classes at Burger King. She was horrified that I had seen her at a fast food restaurant and spent about 5 minutes explaining how she never normally comes to Burger King. At some point, I said "I'm eating here too." After this interaction, I recalled other conversations and realized many other people felt as if they had been "caught being bad."
So many people start new "diets" on Monday vowing to stick to it and not fall off the wagon - EVER. But I would encourage you to find a way of eating that allows some wiggle room. A friend of mine says she could not be happy knowing she could never have ice cream again or that any food is "bad" or "off-limits." Doesn't it just make you want it more, if it's considered "bad?" My daughter and I have a ritual of going to the chocolate shop every Friday after school is out. We get two pieces of chocolate each and we absolutely revel in it. If she and I couldn't share our mutual love of chocolate because it is off-limits, it would make me very sad to miss this time together. Do I feel guilty about it? No way!
Allow yourself to be human, but remember what we've all heard over and over moderation it the key. And make sure when you splurge it something you really, really want to spend your splurge on. This may be a way to get yourself through times when you want to go off track. Tell yourself, "do I really want to splurge on my daughter's leftover chicken fingers?" You may need to plan your treats, to help keep you on track otherwise having a treat may cause to go into a binge and fall completely off the wagon. By allowing yourself some wiggle room, you stand a better chance of sticking to healthy eating for the majority of time.


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