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So as much as I've heard about the Zumba craze, I was very hesitant to try it. My local YMCA had a "try a class" promo where you could invite a non-member to try a class with you. My best friend and I did the Zumba class and it was overall pretty fun and I broke a little sweat. The focus is the constant movement and I thought the ab exercises were good mixed with great music. You almost feel like you are out dancing at the club. Keep in mind my local YMCA is generally women 35-40 years old and up, but all nice ladies and very cute! The class is normally held during the day so I can't go, but had a sale for 2 Xbox Kinect games for $60 (normally $50 each). So I hopped on it and got the Michael Jackson dance game (for my boyfriend and I) and the Zumba game. Saw some okay reviews for it, so I am excited to try it out...


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