I’m a Runner Who's Sprained My Ankle 5 Times, but This $10 Brace Has Kept Me Injury-Free for Years

I can run and walk for miles without pain.

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A few months ago, I ventured out for my first distance run in weeks. It was a successful, multiple-mile run, and as I neared the end, I spotted the roof of my building a few blocks ahead of me; I was thrilled to cross the mental finish line for this personal accomplishment. However, with only a fraction of a mile to go, I stopped with a gasp as my right ankle rolled painfully to one side. It was my fifth sprain, and like all the others, required about a month of rest, strengthening exercises, and clunky brace-wearing to heal enough to walk and run properly again. 

Our bodies function as a kinetic chain, meaning any strain on your ankle tendons will ultimately affect your entire body. "If you have very weak and unstable ankles, that can make you more susceptible to a knee injury, to a hip injury — it can even lead to problems with your low back," physical therapist Jason Barone previously told Shape. With this in mind, I finally got serious about stretching, and for added security, started running and walking with a lightweight, stabilizing ankle sleeve that’s made all the difference in preventing injury.

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace Features:

How I tested: I’ve worn this brace for about two years, and typically wear it while training for distance running. I’ll also pop it on to manage soreness while walking. 

Perfect for: Runners and walkers who are prone to spraining and rolling their ankles, have chronic ankle pain, or are currently in recovery from ankle-related injuries. 

What you’ll love: This design fits easily and snuggly over your foot thanks to adjustable straps, and can be worn inside a sneaker without making your feet feel too cramped. It’s lightweight and flexible enough to allow almost a full range of motion. 

Keep in mind: The material is surprisingly breathable, but on hot days can still make my foot slightly sweatier than normal. 

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Buy It: $10 (was $20), amazon.com

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace Review:

A sprained ankle can take up to 12 weeks to heal and I was very hesitant to get that process started. Even after two weeks of very little movement, the tendons still felt sensitive, especially during my PT-mandated exercises. Because so much of recovery is about rebuilding strength, I knew I needed a solution, and ordered this brace from Amazon. Many of the 32,000 five-star ratings included reviews raving about how much this piece of gear speeds up recovery, and they were absolutely right. With the stabilizing protection of the sleeve, I was able to instantly walk longer distances and put more weight on my injured leg. By week three, I could walk normally and complete workouts that involved lunges and squats, and by week four, I was ready for a light jog, a milestone I wasn’t expecting for at least another month. 

Due to repeated strain, my ankle might always be prone to rolling, which is why I’ve continued to run in this brace almost a year after my last injury. Where I once felt anxious jogging down hills, up steps, and around tight corners, I now feel safe and relaxed knowing my foot is literally locked in place. At just $10, it’s likely paid for itself 100 times over in saving me the time and money required for weekly physical therapy visits, and I recommend it to anyone struggling with this oh-so-common injury. 

Whether you’re in the midst of recovering from an ankle injury or want to stay prepared with the proper gear in case of an accident, shop the Bodyprox Ankle Brace at Amazon.

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