I don't fancy myself a runner. In fact, I don't really like to run. Why then is my favorite workout song Born to Run? There's just something about the chorus that fires me up. Whether I'm walking, on the elliptical, or lifting weights, I push a little harder when I hear it-and that's what makes a killer workout song.

Every month I create a playlist to go with the plan in 'Workout Express.' When I first started, the mixes were lifted straight from my iPod, which meant lots of alternative rock and Jersey bands (don't even think about knocking Bon Jovi). But I now consult friends, co-workers, and even the billboard charts for ideas. My favorite song

right now: Good Time by the Brazilian Girls (I have to thank my friend Steve for introducing me to this band a few years ago.)

So tell me: who or what should I be listening to this month? I want to hear about your favorite band, album, or song for working out. Who knows, maybe you'll see your pick on the pages of Shape.