Brie Larson Calls This Cooling, Skin-Depuffing Tool 'Heaven,' and You Can Get It for $14 On Amazon

Reviewers say it makes a difference “within minutes.”

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No matter how much effort I put into my nighttime skincare routine, I always wake up with a puffy face and tired-looking complexion — and I know so many others can relate. In the last couple years, I've heard about dozens of solutions for this pesky problem, the most popular of which being ice rollers. In addition to encouraging lymphatic drainage to release muscle tension and excess fluid, an ice-cold face roller “constricts blood vessels, which leaves skin looking tighter and temporarily decreasing redness, making for an overall fresher and brighter appearance,” dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D. previously explained to Shape.

Ice rollers have been trending on TikTokers, but even celebrities have been all over this morning skin care step; Jennifer Aniston even called a similar icing method “genius.” Plus, just last week, Brie Larson showed off her own cooling face tool in a Vogue video, saying “This is heaven to me,” while holding up the Esarora Ice Roller. “I have to travel a lot for work, so finding tricks like this that allow me to feel like I’m taking care of myself [without] a big lift…it’s lovely,” she added. While sculpting and depuffing wands sound rather fancy, Brie’s is actually only $14 on Amazon. Plus, it's low-maintenance, easy to use, and consequently has more than 16,000 perfect ratings. (BTW: These are the best facial hair removal products of 2023, according to dermatologists.)

Esarora Ice Roller


Buy It: Esarora Ice Roller, $14 with coupon (was $19),

Almost everyone suffers from sleepy skin on occasion, and reviewers swear it takes care of the problem “within minutes.” “I find in the early mornings it really makes a difference in puffiness around my eyes and face,” wrote one shopper who added that it’s also “super relaxing.” Another fan called the tool a “lifesaver” for providing “instant relief” for both acne and swelling,noting that their face looks “brighter and less inflamed” after every use. “It helps with literally everything,” raved a third, adding that it depuffs when they’re “healthy, sick, and hungover.”

If looking in the mirror after a late night gives you anxiety, this skin-sculpting tool is worth a try. Shop it for just $14 with an Amazon coupon.

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