Brie Larson Shared New Behind the Scenes Moments from Her Grand Teton Climb

The actress summited the nearly 14,000-foot mountain in 2019.

Brie Larson
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Climbing Grand Teton is no joke, and Brie Larson knows this firsthand. ICYMI, she accomplished the impressive feat back in 2019. Now, she's sharing more about her experience. The Captain Marvel actress recently shared a "blooper" reel of her training for the climb and reaching the top of the nearly 14,000-foot mountain in Wyoming, and it might just convince you to give the sport a try.

Larson shared a compilation of behind-the-scenes clips on Instagram. "What does @mileycyrus say?" she writes in the caption of her post. "It's the climb? This was the toughest thing I've ever done. Climbing the Grand Teton is no joke."

As difficult as the experience may have been, the videos show Larson seemingly in good spirits while learning to repel on an indoor rock wall, practicing her grip strength, and on the actual climb while bundled up and wearing a helmet. She lightheartedly comments on her hunger and dealing with frozen toes in different clips. "Cool, oh, we're not there yet," says Larson in one clip of the actress seemingly realizing she hadn't quite made it to the top of the mountain yet.

Her post was met with praise and awe of her accomplishment from fellow celebs. "So proud of you!!!" wrote Michael B. Jordan. "You're scaring me!!!!!!!" added Reese Witherspoon.

Larson first shared that she climbed Grand Teton in August 2020, nearly a year after the achievement, on her YouTube channel. Her trainer, Jason Walsh, challenged her to test her superhero strength by joining him and professional climber Jimmy Chin to climb Grand Teton, Shape previously reported. The Oscar-winning actress had just wrapped Captain Marvel and agreed to the "once in a lifetime opportunity," as she put it at the time.

The actress wasn't always the fitness lover she is today. While training to play her character Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), Larson went from being unable to "walk up a hill without being out of breath" to being able to do four 400-pound hip thrusts, reported Insider.

Walsh seemingly got Larson into the fitness game. The actress became "kind of obsessed" with her routine, which she began documenting on social media. "When people say, like, 'Oh, girls can't do that,' it just makes me wanna do it even more," Larson previously told Insider.

With that background, her motivation and successful climb of Grand Teton makes sense; it's a sport of perseverance. Not to mention, rock climbing is a full-body workout that offers some incredible physical benefits.

"Efficient movement requires an enormous amount of core strength to maintain tension with the wall," Emily Varisco, head coach and certified personal trainer at The Cliffs in Long Island City, NY, previously told Shape. "With every move made, the core must stabilize the body in an effort to maintain at least three points of contact." To point out the obvious, your arms are also working overtime to suspend you as your lower body functions as your support system.

With all the physical strength required to complete a climb, you're building endurance and power for the long run. "A climber will naturally build balance, coordination, breath control, dynamic stability, eye-hand/eye-foot coordination, and they will do so in a disguised form of exercise, which is probably the greatest thing about it," Varisco shared.

Of course, all the coordination tests your mental strength as well. "Either you try and you believe [in yourself] and success follows, or you don't — the results are very tangible," free climber Katie Lambert previously shared with Shape.

The sport can help you stay present too. "Climbing gives me the time and space to just be," climber Margo Hayes previously told Shape. "Nothing matters in the moment apart from each delicate movement."

If climbing piques your interest, know that you don't need to commit to a major, multi-day journey such as Larson did with Grand Teton. You can start with a session at an indoor climbing gym for a fun, physical activity that strengthens the body and mind.

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