Cameron Diaz Recommends Naked Dancing for a Fun At-Home Workout

Here are a few expert-backed reasons why you might want to give her method a try.

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Even if you love a good sweat session, it's totally normal and understandable if some days it feels too daunting to even put on a sports bra, let alone actually do a workout. Cameron Diaz can seemingly relate, which is why she's stepping into the new year with some refreshing advice for making moving your body feel downright joyful.

Diaz recently shared some of her 2023 wellness tips with E! News, reminding readers why a "great" fitness method might just involve putting on a playlist and dancing around your house. In fact, it appears the 50-year-old actress takes inspiration from her Charlie's Angels character, Natalie, loving spontaneous dance parties in lieu of traditional workouts from time to time.

"I don't think enough people realize there are a lot of things you can do in a small space to just keep your body moving," she told E! News. "A really great thing to do is to just put your headphones in, put on a playlist, and dance for like 15 minutes straight as hard as you can. Then, you just go take a shower and start your day."

A solid lineup of songs is key, according to Diaz. "Just get like six of your favorite songs and do a little short playlist that will make you want to move like you can't stop dancing," she added. "You don't even need to have workout clothes. You can just be naked or in your underwear and dance."

If you're not already convinced to try Diaz's method, there are definitely plenty of benefits to connecting with your body by way of dance — even if it's not in a traditional dance cardio setting — that will make you want to get moving.

Dance can do wonders for both your heart and your brain. It's "a cardiovascular workout that helps to promote heart health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes," Alissa Tucker, a master trainer for AKTpreviously told Shape. But the benefits go well beyond your ticker. Dancing can help improve your balance and coordination and boost your agility (ability to move) and flexibility. It may also reduce the risk of dementia and help engage brain and memory recall, particularly if you're following any type of choreography, especially as you age.

Of course, that's without mentioning the instant mood boost you'll likely feel from hearing a song you love — another science-backed benefit that your go-to workout playlist provides. Multiple studies support the motivational power of music, whether you're enjoying a leisurely hot girl walk, powering through an HIIT sesh, or busting out your best dance moves right in your living room.

Even just rethinking your approach to fitness can help you remember that it can be fun to move your body. "By reframing 'exercise' as 'movement,' you begin to unlearn the negative association with moving and start to train your brain to see movement as something positive," Sharon Ryan, a licensed associate counselor with Thriveworks Counselingpreviously told Shape. "The most important thing to do is choose an activity you love to do." If you're anything like Diaz, that might just mean dancing around your home to your favorite tunes.

So, when you simply can't muster the energy to hit the gym (relatable, indeed!), queue up your favorite playlist or create a new one and enjoy a Cameron Diaz-approved home workout session. Need some inspo? Check out this list of 170+ epic workout songs that will spice up your current line-up, whether you're in your underwear, sweats, PJs, or nothing at all.

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