3 Fit Stars Top Highest-Paid Actress List

Who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood? According to Forbes' annual highest paid actress list, top actresses in Hollywood are bringing in major bucks. Here are a few of the highest paid actresses who are also majorly fit!

Fittest Stars on the Highest Paid Actress List

1. Sarah Jessica Parker. Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker may be tied for the top spot as highest paid actress with both ranking in an estimated $30 million, but in the battle of fitness, we give Jessica Parker the edge. A devotee of running and Pilates, she has the muscles to prove it!

2. Jennifer Aniston. Through lead roles and endorsements like this, Jennifer Aniston tied with Reese Witherspoon (see below) for the third spot on the list with an estimated $28 million. Jennifer is a huge fan of yoga and eating fresh, healthy foods!

3. Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon is already a fit role model, and with an estimated $28 million earned in a year, she certainly has the clout to inspire the millions who see her on the big screen. Witherspoon does yoga and running to stay in such good shape!

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