Buffy and Sarah Michelle Gellar fans are geeked that she'll be returning back to the CW in September for her new show Ringer. While the new show looks totally suspenseful and mysterious, there's one other thing we couldn't help noticing about Gellar: her fit body! Below are her favorite ways to get her workout on.

The Workout Secrets of Sarah Michelle Gellar

1. Biking. With a busy schedule, Gellar knows fitting in every bit of activity helps, including when she's running errands!

2. Dancing. Like many other celebrities, Gellar knows how long, lean, flexible and strong ballet classes can make you, and she's sure to get in one a week.

3. Kickboxing. From her time on Buffy, Gellar developed a love-and need for-regular boxing and kickboxing classes to stay in action-hero shape!

4. Tae Kwon Do. Gellar has been doing Tae Kwon Do for five years. The martial art isn't just physical, it helps improve Gellar's focus.

We can't wait to watch Gellar on Ringer!