5 Fit Movies We Love

It seems like every movie is being remade these days. First it was Dirty Dancing, and now it's Footloose! It's always hard to know if a new version of an older movie will be as good as the original, but it got us thinking. What are the best fit movies out there? And what are the top movies that inspire us to get out there and move more? Whether it's a dance scene we love (cue Kevin Bacon dancing in Footloose!) or a sports competition that gets us pumped up to work harder at the gym, here are five movies that inspire!

Footloose. You know that scene in Footloose when Bacon dances his frustrations out in an abandoned warehouse? Sure, it's a little cheesy but it always makes us want to get footloose, too! We just wonder what good scenes the new Footloose movie will have in it!

Blue Crush. Kate Bosworth stars in this feel-good movie about making it as a surfer. The overall message? Train hard and go big!

Bend It Like Beckham. We're pretty sure this soccer movie starring Keira Knightley convinced girls around the world that soccer was a super cool sport to play. We tend to agree.

Cutting Edge. This 1992 movie about two oddly matched ice skaters is definitely a corny romantic flick, but it also shows that when you have a dream, you can reach it with hard work and determination.

Rocky. It wouldn't be a fit-movies list without Rocky would it? This iconic movie has inspired millions to put on a hoodie and run some stairs. A killer workout!

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