By Jennipher Walters
June 21, 2011

Wimbledon 2011 is - quite literally - in full swing. And who's another one of our favorite players to watch? American Andy Roddick! Here are five reasons why!

Why We're Rooting for Andy Roddick at Wimbledon 2011

1. He gets outdoors. While Roddick does plenty of workouts in the gym and on the court, he also loves to get outside for more gritty workouts, such as trail running. According to Men's Fitness, he hits the trails at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve in Texas for grueling training sessions.

2. He credits his fitness. While Roddick is known for his super-fast serve and natural talent, he credits his fitness for his tennis success at Wimbledon and at other tennis tournaments. We love that he works hard to be his best!

3. He has a sense of humor. While Roddick takes his tennis game seriously, he isn't afraid to kick back and enjoy himself, whether it's laughing at himself on the court or just smiling to fans.

4. He never gives up. There's something to be said for an athlete who just keeps playing - and playing well. Roddick has been playing for 11 years and doesn't seem to be slowing down!

5. He gives back. Men who give back are sexy! And Roddick is definitely that. He created the Andy Roddick Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides children in need with quality education and other necessary resources.