By Melissa Pheterson
March 08, 2011

Welcome back, Holly Holliday - we could never "Forget You"! We were psyched to watch Gwyneth Paltrow striptease to Joan Jett, tango with Mr. Schue and lock horns with Emma "Afternoon Delight" Pillsbury over sex ed on last night's Glee - with ample screen time to show off her amazing legs. Yesterday, AOL reported that Gwyneth has signed with Atlantic Records to release a full-length album.

More reasons we love her: The actress/singer and mom of two stays trim with running, cardio dance and detox diets - which she describes, along with other tips for healthy living, on her website GOOP.

Here's a timeline of Gwyneth's musical career:

• Showed the world she could sing in the movie Duets, 2000 - with her rendition of "Cruisin" hitting number one in Australia

• Aced a singing role in the movie Infamous, 2006

• Took the stage with Jay-Z at his concert in London, 2006

• Played a washed-up singer in Country Strong, 2010 - with her songs released to country radio

• Piano-danced to "Forget You" (reprising her duet on Glee with Cee-Lo Green) at the 2011 Grammys

• Belted "Coming Home," the nominated song from Country Strong, at the 2011 Academy Awards

What do you think? Do you prefer Gwyneth as a singer or an actress? Tell us why.

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