It's official: Amy Adams will play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman reboot Superman: Man of Steel alongside Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. Here, we look back at the women who have brought Lois Lane to life, from the original Superman film in 1948 to today. How will three-time Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams stack up? You'll have to wait until December 2012 to find out, but with this Lois Lane hall of fame, you'll be prepped to make a well-informed decision.



Amy Adams Role Model #1: Noel Neill

1948: The original Lois Lane, Noel Neill first took on the role in the movie Superman alongside Kirk Alyn. In this original film, Superman comes to Earth as a child and takes on the villain the Spider Lady.

1950: Neill reprises her role as Lois Lane a second time for the film Atom Man Versus Superman. In this installment Superman takes on Lex Luther and his new identity Atom Man.

1953: From 1953 to 1958 Neill departs from movies but not her role as Lois Lane taking over the role from Phyllis Coates in the series Adventures of Superman alongside George Reeves.

1954: In an 18 minute short, Stamp Day for Superman, Neill plays Lois Lane a fourth time. This time Superman is promoting US savings stamps until he is derailed by Lois Lane's kidnapping.

1978: Neill plays Lois Lane's mother in Superman.

1988: Neill reunites with her first Superman co-star Kirk Allen for Superman's 50th Anniversary hosted by Dana Carvey. In this humorous look back at the history of Superman Neill plays Ella Lane, Superman's mother.

2006: No longer playing the role of Lois Lane Neil stays in the Superman family in Superman Returns as Gertrude Vanderworth an aging billionairess who is duped into turning her fortune over to Lex Luther.



Amy Adams Role Model #2: Margot Kidder

1978: With Christopher Reeve as her Superman and Noel Neill as her mother Margot Kidder enters the scene as Lois Lane in Superman.

1980: Superman agrees to give up his powers to marry Lois Lane played by Kidder in Superman II.

1983: In Superman III Kidder plays the one and only Lois Lane but, when Superman is split in half by synthetic Kryptonite, Reeves plays two characters: Clark Kent and the evil Man of Steel.

1987: In her fourth installment as Lois Lane Kidder again plays alongside Reeves in Superman IV: the Quest for Peace in which Superman takes on Nuclear Man.

2004: No longer playing the role of Lois Lane, Kidder takes on the role of Bridgette who helps the Kent family in the television series Smallville.



Amy Adams Role Model #3: Phyllis Coates

1951: Taking over for Noel Neill, Phyllis Coates first plays Lois Lane in Superman and the Mole Men with George Reeves continuing his role as Superman. In this installment Superman must restore peace when strange underground beings come to the surface from a newly drilled oil well.

1952: Coates and Reeves reprise their roles as Lois Lane and Clark Kent in the series Adventures of Superman. While Coates only lasted a year, the series continued with Noel Neill as Lois Lane until 1958.

1994: Coates makes an appearance in a second television series about Superman: Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman, this time playing Lois Lane's mother, Ellen Lane.



Amy Adams Role Model #4: Teri Hatcher

1993: In the popular series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which ran from 1993 to 1997 Teri Hatcher took center stage as Lois Lane. As the name suggests this series focused on the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent, rather than Superman, played by Dean Cane.

2010: 13 years after her role as Lois Lane, Hatcher appeared as Ella Lane, young Lois' mother on the TV series Smallville.


Amy Adams Role Model #5: Erica Durance

2004: In the on-going series Smallville, Erica Durance plays a young Lois Lane alongside Tom Welling a teenage Clark Kent trying to gain an understanding of his powers. Former Lois Lane's Margot Kidder and Teri Hatcher make appearances.


Amy Adams Role Model #6: Kate Bosworth

2006: As the only Lois Lane to appear in just one Superman movie Kate Bosworth acted alongside Lois Lane legend Noel Neill, this time playing Gertrude Vanderworth, in Superman Returns. In this installment Superman, played by Brandon Routh, returns from his home planet of Krypton to Earth for his love Lois Lane.

Amy Adams has big shoes to fill-but lots of great role models -when it comes to playing Lois Lane. Plus, we can't forget her previous Superman experience playing Jodi, a troubled high schooler who is rescued by Clark in Smallville.

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