Bachelor no more! Last night, Brad ended a season's worth of suspense when he fell to one knee and proposed to Emily on The Bachelor. (One fan on Twitter pointed out that Emily wore white, Chantal wore black...) The magic moment got us thinking about our own proposals, so we asked some friends in our SHAPE community how their man popped the question:

"At the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas....because I've been wanting to see Paris since I was 13, he took me to the next best thing!" - Stacey Garcia

"He made me a slideshow c.d. with our family pics on it and some of my favorite music for Valentine's Day. I was laying back on him with the lap top on my lap and when the last song started playing "two is better than one" (taylor swift and plain white t's) he put a message on slidshow asking me to marry him. I looked back at him in shock and pulled out a ring from behind his back....and of course I said YES!!!!" - Lauri Agnew

"Over the PA system of a plane full of people :)" - Crystal Alderdice

"On a hot air balloon... in October was a beautiful sunny day...It was very exciting, 'cause we dated only a year... This moment I will never forget..." - Lulia Misiura

"He wasnt planning it AT ALL. But while in Hawaii he decided he wanted to --- so he bought a Hawaiian plumeria ring with a little diamond in the center and at the halfway point on the road to Hana in the pouring rain he popped the big Q... We got the "real ring" the day we got home and I still wear the original on my right hand. It was soooooo cute and shocking and thrilling and wonderful! *tear*" - Casie Mace

"Push up pop. Stuck the ring right in and popped the question. I love those little sherbert ice creams." - Stephanie Kennedy

"My husband picked out a christmas ornament and had them personalize it with "will you marry me." We had decided to open one gift on Christmas eve, so that was my gift in my stocking and the ring was tied to the ornament with fishing line. I didn't even see it at" - Cristy Benben Rhodes

"15 years ago, he got a stone near the wedding pavillion in Disney engraved with the proposal; then I saw my ring and the diamonds are in the shape of Mickey! We still visit the stone whenever we go there!" - Candyce Rothe Lucas ‎

"My husband proposed by taking me to watch the sunset in Monterey, Ca., then to our favorite Italian restaurant on the wharf and asked me to marry him while sitting on the beach under a starry sky. We sipped champagne to celebrate as we laughed and cried tears of joy. We got married by that same beach." - Kristy Moore

"I had always told him I'm simple - that if a guy showed up with a slice of my favourite pizza and my fav hot chocolate, I'd never be able to say no. One evening we were heading out and he brought pizza and insisted that I have a piece - when I opened the box, the ring was in it and he pulled out a cup of hot chocolate from behind his back while getting down on one knee - our 5th wedding anniversary is next month." - Crystal Dipsingh-Bachoo

"13 Years ago...On a UAL flight to Colorado - the pilot, instead of pointing out landmarks to the passengers, asked for ME in row 12 D to stand. My family came from different areas of the plane with champagne & flowers. He got down on one knee. All with help of a family friend who is a flight attendant for United. Total shock." - Kristine Patric Maz ‎

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