7 simple steps to get over it, get healthy, and get your best body ever.

By Jené Luciani
February 05, 2012

What's the best way to show an ex what he's missing? Well, for celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, and Kim Kardashian, hit the red carpet with a slamming new body and a smoking hot new look. With the ink on the divorce papers barely dry, a single Witherspoon famously re-emerged with a sleek new body showcased in a series of slinky Nina Ricci numbers.

The latest to jump in on the break-over craze? Kim Kardashian. After a flopped union with Kris Humphries, Kardashian stepped out with a new look, compliments of some clip-on bangs, and tweeted it was celebrity weight-loss coach and founder of LeBootCamp.com Valerie Orsoni's Vendetta Technique that helped her bounce back-fast.

The French-born Orsoni tells clients, "don't get angry, get healthy." She says to channel frustration and anger over a break-up into what she calls 'The VENDETTA.'

"The word vendetta comes from Italian, where it literally means revenge," Orsoni says. "But, instead of devising a plan of revenge to hurt the other person, this plan will ultimately make you a better person and leave the other in the dust."

Here is Orsoni's 7-step plan to getting over a break-up with The Vendetta Technique.

STEP 1: Choose Your Enemy

"This is someone you are fighting against or with, such as the boyfriend who dumped you," Orsoni says. "You are not trying to destroy your enemy. Instead, you are rebuilding yourself and making yourself more powerful to be better than them."

STEP 2: Choose Your Vendetta

Statistics show people who write down their goals are 80 percent more likely to achieve them, Orsoni says. She advises to figure out your goal-such as looking and feeling better about yourself--and then write it down.

STEP 3: Cleanup

"Metaphorically annihilate them!" exclaims the weight-loss coach. "Erase the enemy and their friends from your life. Take them off your Facebook, out of your phone, and address book."

STEP 4: Establish a Fanbase

"Tell ONLY your close friends and family about your Vendetta. They will be your support team," Orsoni says. "Get your girlfriends together and watch movies like GI Jane, Waiting to Exhale, Thelma and Louise, and The Women for empowerment and inspiration."

STEP 5: The Vendetta Diet

"Ivana Trump once said 'looking good is the best revenge.' She's right. When you look and feel good, you have more confidence and are ready for action. Throw out junk food, fill the fridge with veggies, and start a new exercise routine like walking with friends for 15 minutes a day."

STEP 6: It's Go Time

"Set small goals for yourself and create a Vendetta Treasure Chest," Orsoni says, "which is a box containing promise notes for rewards when you reach results." These can be 'Get a Massage,' 'Buy a New Outfit,' or getting to wear a sexy red lipstick that you aren't allowing yourself to wear until you've reached your goal. Orsoni says, when your Treasure Chest is empty, you have achieved your Vendetta!

STEP 7: Vendetta Ceremony

Now that you've accomplished your vendetta, "celebrate by throwing a party for yourself or going on a trip. Or gather all of the ex's photos and memorabilia that you no longer want and get rid of it in a symbolic way," she adds.