When she was 6 years old, CSI Miami's Eva La Rue started acting and dancing. By 12 she was practicing ballet for two hours a day, six days a week. Today, shooting her series and raising her 6-year-old daughter, Kaya, fill her days, but Eva still takes three 90-minute advanced ballet classes a week. "It's an intense aerobic workout," she says. "But there are also Pilates-type moves that strengthen my core and make my muscles long and lean." We asked the busy ballerina to demonstrate the perfect grand plié-and share her tips for feeling fit inside and out.

  1. STOP FIXATING ON YOUR SIZE "I just turned 41 and I feel like my metabolism has slowed to a screeching halt! But since having Kaya, I don't obsess over my weight and I'm much more forgiving of my body."
  2. DON'T DENY YOURSELF "I love, love, love to eat, and we have delicious food available 24/7 on the set! The good news is there are lots of salads and fresh veggies; the bad news is they're right next to the brownies and candy bars. To avoid overindulging, I allow myself a few bites of a brownie if I'm craving it, and I always leave something on my plate."
  3. BE FLEXIBLE "Even if I don't have time for a class, I do five to 10 grand pliés to stay strong and toned."
    TO TRY IT Stand two feet away from a barre or countertop, with left side closest to it, heels together, and toes turned out [A]. Hold the barre with left hand and extend right arm out to your side at shoulder height, palm turned up [B]. Look at right hand as you bend knees slightly, lift your heels, and raise right arm 45 degrees, palm facing down [C]. Bend knees farther as you lower right arm in front of you [D], almost brushing the floor with right hand [E]. Rise and bring arm up through center to return to starting position. Repeat, switching sides on next set.