Starring in the limelight-in endless paparazzi shots and on TV-can take its toll, but reality mother-daughter duo Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner have mastered the art of beauty with secrets they've picked up during their ongoing celebrity reign. We rounded up some interesting ones.

1. Though Kourtney, 34, is far from in need of age-defying beauty products, she gets a head start with RejuviCare-a favorite of her mother's too. The supplement line covers all the bases: hair, nails, and skin. The various products are packed with antioxidants, protein, aloe vera, and biotin to help fight off any signs of aging. Jenner, 57, says she has RejuviCare to thank for making her feel better from the inside out.

2. The Los Angeles sun wreaks havoc on Kourtney's skin, making her face dry and her lips chapped. The star swears by Aquaphor, a staple of top dermatologists. Some stick to Aquaphor on the lips only, but she rubs it on her entire face every night to keep her skin fresh and hydrated, she told People StyleWatch.

3. Kris is not a fan of any color on the eyes, and sticks with blacks, greys, and nudes, opting for a more intense look at night to pull off her signature dark smoky eyes, which match her darker features, she told Gulf News. Her biggest trick? Pairing those smoky eyes with a nude lip as to not overdo it.

4. To manage her digestion, Kourtney has stuck to a rather different regimen: a teaspoon of melted ghee-also known as clarified butter-every morning 20 minutes before eating anything, reported New Beauty. She's said it's not for everyone, but the butter-drinking routine is believed to aid with digestion, hair and nail growth, and glowing skin.