May 18, 2009

Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller dishes on her top beauty secrets.

You might assume Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller was born beautiful. And yes, she's the first to admit her DNA is one explanation for her fresh-faced, glowing beauty. "But a lot of people believe that because I'm "curvy" and "blonde" I've had a boob job or some other kind of plastic surgery, which isn't true," says the 30-year-old California native. "I'm 100 percent natural, but I have to work hard to stay in shape. There's no magic pill. Believe me, if there was, I'd know about it."

Beauty secret # 1: Get active, and the sooner the better. "You could say I've been going to the gym since before I was born," says Marisa with a laugh. "I have a photo of my mom the day before she went into labor with me wearing her unitard and leg warmers "very eighties." Her mother's dedication to physical fitness, as well as both parents' passion for surfing, have contributed to Marisa's health mantra: "Working out is not a luxury, it's a necessity."

Beauty secret # 2: Never run on empty; eat a healthy breakfast. "I usually have steel-cut oatmeal with sliced bananas in the morning, but if I want something fast, I whip up a protein shake," says Marisa about her healthy breakfast. "I mix soy or almond milk, yogurt, a banana, and a scoop of protein powder with frozen organic fruit, like mangoes or blueberries. I don't measure anything; I just throw it all in the blender. I also carry Gnu Flavor & Fiber bars with me in case I need to eat on the run."

Get the scoop on Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller: her workout routines and other beauty secrets.

Beauty secret # 3: Give in to temptation. "I prefer healthy food and try not to bring too many treats into my house. But I don't believe in depriving myself either," says Marisa Miller. "When I go to the movies, I have a sugary soda, not a diet one. And if I want a burger, I'll have a burger. I just make it a point not to eat one five days in a row."

Beauty secret # 4: Be flexible with your workout routines. "It's not easy for me to stick to a set routine, but if I can do something almost every day, I don't have to play catch-up before a big photo shoot," says Marisa. "I have a home gym and I take Spinning classes at my local health club. When I can, I box with a trainer, which helps me blast calories. If I'm going on the road, I bring resistance bands with me so I can strength-train anywhere. Every bit helps."

Beauty secret # 5: Don't eat like your guy. "My husband, Griffin, is tall and lean, so he can eat anything he wants," says Marisa. "Some nights he'll bring home french fries, and I have to resist them! I decide to say no and then make something else, like a veggie burger. It's not always an easy choice, but it's a healthier one."

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