Unlike many aspiring actresses who support themselves waiting tables, Connie Britton, star of DirecTV and NBC's hit drama Friday Night Lights, spent her early years teaching aerobics. And while she no longer stands in the front of a gym class to pay her rent, Connie is still an exercise devotee, though she's traded her sneakers for a yoga mat. "I love that yoga gives me both a physical and a mental boost," she says. These days Connie is bringing that mindfulness to every aspect of her life. Her strategies for energizing her favorite workout, staying motivated every day, and tweaking your routine:


"Yoga makes me feel really centered and peaceful, but after years of practice, I wanted to change it up a bit. I mentioned this to a dancer friend of mine, Jen Jostyn, who came up with the idea of creating a yoga fusion workout that alternates traditional poses with fun choreography set to upbeat, inspiring music. We start with some basic yoga poses, like downwardfacing dog or warrior two. Next we do a 20-minute series of jazz dance moves, then some sun salutations; we end with balancing poses, like tree. It gets my heart rate going and always gives me something new to focus on, so the hour goes by quickly."


"I adopted a stray pit bull–Lab mix named Lucy a few years ago. When I got her, I vowed I would take her on a two- to fi ve-mile hike every day, no matter what. The two of us hit the hills near my home in Los Angeles or walk on the trails in Austin, Texas, where we shoot the show. Sometimes I want to sleep in, but I know I can't let Lucy down."


"I realized that what kept me slim when I was younger doesn't work anymore. But instead of feeling hopeless, I decided I just have to try a little harder to stay in shape-whether that means readjusting my eating habits or upping my activity level. Finding creative ways to get fi t makes me feel great."