There's nothing more inspiring than seeing talented women out being active -- and many times kicking the boy's rears at what they're doing. From surfing to golf to soccer, here are five inspiring female athletes who we think are the best of the best!

5 Best Female Athletes

1. Bethany Hamilton. With the news that professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is in Hawaii recovering after a surfing accident in Indonesia, we love Hamilton's tenacity and passion for the sport of surfing despite physical setbacks. Heck, Hamilton is so inspiring, they made the movie Soul Surfer about her!

2. Stacy Lewis. This young yet successful golfer has overcome huge odds to be on the LGPA tour. Stacy Lewis has battled scoliosis since the age of 11 and despite multiple surgeries and having to wear a back brace for years, she has never let anything stop her from reaching her dreams!

3. Dara Torres. This Olympic swimmer pretty much wowed us all at the last summer Olympic games. Dara Torres is proof that some things get better with age!

4. Mia Hamm. If you have U.S. Women's Soccer fever like we do, then you're probably thinking back to when Mia Hamm was on the field, inspiring young girls everywhere to kick that soccer ball around!

5. Billie Jean King. An inspiration on and off the court, we love how Billie Jean King proved to people all around the world that a woman could beat a man on the tennis court.