Say the words "cleanse" and "detox" and you probably think of the dreaded master cleanse, or picture surviving on nothing but water and soup for seven days. We're not surprised-many cleanses are hard on your body chemistry and can actually introduce toxins into the body. While they may lead to short-term weight loss, most cleanses don't work as healthy, sustainable weight-loss plans.

But don't worry! Cleansing or detoxing doesn't have to mean starving yourself. We went to Bethenny Frankel to get her tips on cleansing in a healthy way (and one that doesn't involve running to the bathroom every 30 minutes!). Here's what the Real Housewives of New York star, who just unveiled a new addition to her Skinnygirl line, the Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore, had to say about cleansing in a safe and healthy manner.

Bethenny Frankel's 3 Tips for Cleansing

1. Eat vegetables and other whole foods. "Eat vegetables every chance you get, whenever you get the urge," Frankel says. "The more you eat them, the more you will learn to appreciate them and even crave them."

2. Drink water. The Real Housewives star admits that she doesn't like drinking water. "I don't like the taste," Frankel says. "So I'll pour one of my Skinnygirl packets in a glass of water. Then I'll want to drink the whole thing." If you're like Bethenny and don't like the taste of water, try adding a wedge of lemon, lime or other flavors to it to make it more flavorful and to encourage you to drink more.

3. Do good for you. This rule can apply to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, whether you're cleansing or not. One of Frankel's "10 Skinnygirl rules to live by," this means doing what's right and healthy for you. "If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anything else," Frankel says. "Build a firm foundation of good health and self-care, and you can do anything."