Betty Gilpin knows how to turn it on for the cameras, but off them, she's just a girl next door. We caught up with the Nurse Jackie star to find out her fitness tricks and favorite indulgences.

SHAPE: Where do you get your inspiration to be so sexy in your role?

Betty Gilpin (BG): At her core, my character is pretty insecure, but she puts that under a lot of sexy layers. The costume designer makes it easy to feel like a different person. I'm tailored within an inch of my life in those clothes, and I don't know, I guess I keep the right lighting in my dressing room.

SHAPE: How do you stay fit enough to be tailored into such tight clothes?

BG: Well, I'll tell you that I got the job about a week before we started shooting and I literally had pizza in my mouth when I got the job. I felt like I could completely freak out about the way I look or I could own it. And if I can't own it, my character can't, and she doesn't have body image issues, so I had to leave mine at the door. I do Bar Method-it's, like, you're there for an hour and you get everything and you're done. My attention span when it comes to exercise is pretty minimal.

SHAPE: Do you ever do those exercises on set?

BG: Definitely. I have the DVD and even if I do five minutes of it, it's better than nothing. I'll play Mumford and Sons and just sort of do it myself.

SHAPE: What's a day like in your diet?

BG: During the show I try to cut out carbs and up my greens a lot. I'll do an egg-white omelette and green juice in the morning. I'm a sugar addict, though, so I need to trick myself into thinking I'm having dessert for every meal. And I drink lots and lots of water. Although after shooting I went right to Italy and ate my weight in pasta.

SHAPE: Aside from pasta, what else do you indulge in?

BG: I try to cheat up. If I'm going to have something that's "off the plan," then I want it to be the best piece of bread or the most amazing ice cream. I find myself on Yelp typing in the best "blank" all the time: best cheese, best ice cream, best pizza.

SHAPE: So what is the best pizza you've had?

BG: Oh, the original Patsy's uptown. And for ice cream, just a good old Haagen Daaz chocolate.

Catch more on Betty in the video below, on Nurse Jackie when it returns, or this summer in the New York-based play "Where We're Born."