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Celebrity Beauty: Carrie Underwood's Fast Hair and Beauty Tips

Carrie Underwood: Glam on the Go

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Whether she's on stage, on the red carpet, or on the go, music superstar Carrie Underwood always looks flawless. Here, she reveals her top 7 quick makeup tips and hairstyles so you can look this good—even if you only have 5 minutes to spare.

Carrie Underwood Quick Beauty Tip #1: Play Up Your Eyes

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"Shimmer eye shadow is a definite 'do.' Whether you're creating a light, natural eye or a dramatic smoky effect, a little goes a long way!" Make your eyes pop with these easy application techniques. ($65,

Carrie Underwood Quick Beauty Tip #2: Prep Your Skin

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"Before applying foundation, I always smooth on a primer. I know it sounds like an extra step, but it makes my makeup look flawless and last so much longer." Prefer a more natural look? Master mineral makeup in four easy steps. ($30;

Carrie Underwood Quick Beauty Tip #3: Make Some Waves

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"I love a big-barrel curling iron. With the right one, it's quick and easy to create soft waves—even when you're in a huge hurry." Try more of our best quick beauty and hair fixes—all take 5 minutes or less. ($99;

Carrie Underwood Quick Beauty Tip #4: Try a Clean Sweep

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"I honestly couldn't have lived on my tour bus without cleansing wipes. They're awesome at taking off makeup with just one simple swipe." Stay gorgeous on the go with our favorite travel beauty products. ($5; at drugstores)

Carrie Underwood Quick Beauty Tip #5: Lash Out

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"I never leave my house without mascara. I feel naked without it. One coat makes me look like I spent time on my makeup—even if I didn't." Brush up on your mascara brush basics for flirty, full lashes that don't clump. ($9; at drugstores)

Carrie Underwood Quick Beauty Tip #6: Treat Your Tresses

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"Leave-in conditioner is such a lifesaver. It would take me forever to get a brush through my hair if I didn't spritz it on first." Keep your locks in tip-top shape with these top tips. ($4; at drugstores)

Carrie Underwood Top Beauty Tip #7: Think Pink

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"I love wearing soft pink on my toes because it's girly but goes with anything—no need for multiple polish changes!" Get salon results at home with our no-fail tips for a DIY manicure. ($21;


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