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Celebrity Marathon Runners

Celeb Marathon Runner #1: Veronica Webb

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Veronica Webb added runner to her model-actress-journalist credentials when she completed the 2009 New York City Marathon, and she is set to run this year's race as well. Webb reportedly gave up alcohol to accommodate her strenuous marathon training plan. Are your bad habits holding you back? Click here to find out (it may not be as bad as you think).

Celeb Marathon Runner #2: Will Ferrell

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Will Ferrell's 2003 Boston Marathon time is nothing to laugh at. The funnyman finished 26.2 miles in a respectable 3:56. Ferrell started out running with his wife, Viveca. The fit couple has also completed the 2001 New York City Marathon and 2002 Stockholm Marathon. Follow their lead and try one of these fun workout routines for two.

Celeb Marathon Runner #3: Katie Holmes

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When you think of celebrity marathoners, you think of Katie Holmes and her blue baseball cap and purple tank top. There was endless press coverage and controversy surrounding Mrs. Tom Cruise's 2007 New York City Marathon, which she finished in just under 5.5 hours. We got Katie's trainer to tell us his best training tips.

Celeb Marathon Runner #4: Anthony Edwards

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Anthony Edwards ran the 1999, 2001 and 2003 Chicago Marathons and the 2009 New York City Marathon. The actor best known for his role on ER picked up running at age 37 and is still at it at 48, typically going out for a 6-mile run three mornings a week. Fuel up for your morning run with these powerfoods.

Celeb Marathon Runner #5: Oprah

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In 1994, Oprah Winfrey set a goal for herself: run and finish a marathon before her 40th birthday. That same year she crossed the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon in 4:29:20. Oprah is often credited with starting the second marathon boom, though some runners scoff at hype detracting from the greatness of the sport. Not ready to train for a marathon? Start with this 5K training plan. 

Celeb Marathon Runner #6: Adrian Grenier

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Entourage star Adrian Grenier has completed two 26.2-mile races. The 5'10" actor-musician ran the Boston Marathon in 1999 and the Los Angeles Marathon in 2008. Feel like you're up for the challenge? Check out our race training guides—and hit the pavement.

Celeb Marathon Runner #7: Natalie Imbruglia

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Natalie Imbruglia doesn't consider herself a long distance runner, but the Australian singer-songwriter finished the 2010 London Marathon in 5:02. Imbruglia trained with Princess Beatrice of York and a human caterpillar team of 34 runners that ran the marathon tied together. Don't consider yourself a runner? Even a beginning runner can reap tons of benefits (here's how).


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