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11 Adorable Celeb Pets That Work Out

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Polly and Peggy

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Nature hikes may be keeping Rosie's legs long and lean, but Polly and Peggy don't take after their owner.

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Ryan Gosling's George

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We all know Ryan Gosling definitely doesn't need a dog to pick up girls, but it just makes him that much more perfect. These two have been best buds for 14 years. 

Miranda Lambert's Ellie

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Not only do they get fit together, but they win big. The country star has been learning to ride English for competitions. 

David Ortiz's Mikey

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This little guy came out to the baseball player's conditioning session during spring training, proving that bigger isnt always better. 

Heidi Klum's Max, Freddy, and Simba

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An unlikely third to the trio, Simba keeps up with Max and Freddy, rounding out the pack.

Madonna's Rocco

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Madge and Rocco show that true love means being around each other even when you get smelly. 

Ryan Phillippe's Maximillian

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Max is not only Ryan's workout buddy, but a gift to his son to cheer him up after being bullied at school.

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Kellan Lutz's Kola

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Kellan and Kola need to stay in shape—after all, they are models. These two starred in PETA's ad for the "Adopt, Don't Buy" campaign.

Kaley Cuoco's Shirley

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Shirley loves to play ball in the pool but there's one thing she loves more: the hot tub.

James Franco's Sammy

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Okay, so maybe Sammy doesn't work out himself, but he is the perfect weight for Franco to bench press. Watch the hilarious video here.

Taylor Swift's Oliva Benson

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Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson went along for the ride during a stroll in downtown New York City on September 16. 


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