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10 Celebs Who Know How to Flatter Their Best Assets


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Lauren Conrad may have left The Hills, but she's still got the killer legs she rocked on the show (partly thanks to workouts with her personal trainer). The reality-star-turned-designer follows a simple fashion formula in order to highlight her gams. She covers up on top with long-sleeved blouses, but exposes her legs in high-waisted bottoms with short hemlines. The combo of a high-waisted short or skirt paired with heels, typically a simple pump in Conrad's case, elongates legs.


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Nikita's Maggie Q is one of the fittest stars on television, and nowhere is it more evident than her well-toned back, one of the most difficult body parts to work out. Time and time again, the former model, a strict vegan, relies on daring, down-to-there backless numbers to reveal her strong back definition. Those back muscles don't come without hard work. "I exercise every day and there's nothing I don't do," she revealed to CNN Asia. "I run, I do yoga, I swim, I bike, I box. I love to box. I'm a huge boxer."


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If we had Cameron Diaz's jacked biceps, we'd grab every opportunity to brandish them as well! Naturally, the Bad Teacher star and exercise enthusiast gravitates towards unfussy strapless or sleeveless frocks to properly exhibit her guns. A strapless neckline is always a safe bet, but Diaz also chooses cap sleeve dresses that hit at just the right point on her arms and create the illusion of even buffer biceps.


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We've all seen Rihanna's hot bod in her skimpy onstage outfits. But when the Barbados-born singer needs to stay slightly more clothed, she shows off her tight tush in body-conscious dresses. The pop star's high-fashion red carpet getups may be dramatic and elaborate, but each one always showcases her backside, which is also her favorite body part. "I keep working at it as I want it to be perfect," Rihanna spilled in an interview with Fabulous. "It makes my clothes look good—and guys like it!"


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Ever since becoming a Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson has sported a slimmer physique. Thankfully, her trimmed down bod hasn't equaled the loss of her signature hourglass figure. The singer cleverly emphasizes her shapely hips in dresses that hug her curves like white on rice. Instead of concealing hips in loose silhouettes or swathing them in too much fabric, Hudson prefers solid colors and sleek shapes that conform to her body.


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Vanessa Hudgens knows exactly what works for her figure and often falls back on her go-to outfit: a flowy mini dress paired with towering heels. The stylish power combo enhances Hudgens' muscular legs, a body part she's learned to embrace over the years. The Sucker Punch star spilled to SELF, "I've got big calves that look good. When I wear heels, it looks like I've worked out my legs a lot, which is why I love them." Her healthy eating habits and workout routine can't hurt either!


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When you've got arms as sleek, sexy, and toned as Jennifer Aniston's (and let's face it, that hair!), showing a lot of skin isn't necessary, a tip the actress has clearly picked up on. Aniston sticks to the basics, including all black outfits, streamlined silhouettes, and minimal accessories. But whether she's in a plain black vest or a sleeveless leather dress, the standout asset she's always happy to expose are her arms. Aniston credits her yoga instructor with whipping them into tip-top shape. (Try the star's yoga workout.)


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There's much to envy about Blake Lively's fit, genetically blessed bod, but her chest is undeniably one of the best in Hollywood. The Gossip Girl's sexy cleavage gets a boost because of her ability to dress for it! Lively is drawn to empire-waist dresses that cinch at the waist and give her bust a lift at the same time. Aside from that insider fashion trick, the actress hits the gym to maintain her physique, ensuring she'll look good in just about anything, empire-waist or not!


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It's been years since her Destiny's Child days, but Kelly Rowland's abs remain as rock-hard as ever. The X Factor (UK) judge puts them on display in crop tops, making sure everyone gets an eyeful of her taut tummy. The look isn't designed for the shy at heart, but the confident singer pairs belly-baring shirts with high-waisted bottoms to keep skin exposure at a minimum. In fact, Rowland's favorite piece of clothing is a pair of high-waisted black H&M pants. "They are comfortable, they look great, the fabric is great," she revealed to StyleBistro. "They go with everything."


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There's a reason why Jessica Biel is such a fan of halter dresses. Feminine halter necklines complement her strong, sculpted shoulders (a well-deserved reward of intense exercise) and balance out her figure, keeping shoulders proportional to the rest of her body. "I like to do a couple of classes of yoga during the week, mixed in with weight-training sessions, which are for strength," Biel told Glamour. Whatever she's doing, it's working for her shoulders and the rest of her killer bod!


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