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The 10 Most Outrageous Celebrity Gift Exchanges

David Beckham

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David Beckham broke the bank back in 2005, reportedly giving wife Victoria Beckham multiple gifts under the tree! According to Oxygen, Becks first gave her a $100,000 diamond-encrusted handbag, then followed it up with a custom-made $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom. The kicker? A $2.4 million ruby and diamond necklace from Boucheron, the famed Parisian jeweller. Who says “love don’t cost a thing!”

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Paris Hilton

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If you’re going to gift yourself something for Christmas, might as well go big, right? Well, Paris Hilton did just that when she once splurged on a $285,000 pink Bentley Continental GT. But that’s not all; the dashboard just so happened to be diamond-encrusted. And apparently her penchant for fast cars doesn’t stop there. Last year, E! Online reported she got herself a 2012 California Spyder Ferrari worth close to $300k on Black Friday (doesn’t look like it was on clearance).

Mike Tyson

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Celebrities aren’t exactly known for being frugal, but when Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens, he reportedly spent a whopping $2 million on her for the holidays. But no, it wasn’t on a fancy sports car, a sparkly diamond ring, or even a big new home. So… what’d he buy her? A bathtub! Hey, at least it was practical.

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Angelina Jolie

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Nobody gives a gift quite like Ms. Jolie—even Santa Claus himself. Case in point? According to The NY Post, she bought an actual waterfall in California for Brad Pitt during the holidays last year. Pitt once said, “acting is his career, but architecture is his passion,” so his gorgeous gal reportedly had a hunch he would want to build there. The purchase came after the A-listers visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Pennsylvania back in 2006. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Tom Cruise

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In 2011 all Suri Cruise wanted for Christmas was $130,000 worth of presents. And reportedly, doting dad Tom Cruise was happy to give it to her. While most 5-year-olds would be content with Barbies or Legos, Suri’s wishlist was a little more luxe, featuring a pony, diamond earrings, and designer gowns “that will make her look like a fairy princess.” She may be young, but she sure has good taste!

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Tori Spelling

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What do you do when you want a white Christmas in Los Angeles? When you’re Tori Spelling’s dad, you buy it! Uber-producer Aaron Spelling once had a snow machine deliver tons of fake snow (reportedly $2 million dollars worth) to their home in Beverly Hills so young Tori and her bro could have their very own “winter wonderland.” The best part? Tori loved it so much, she did the same thing for her own kids in 2009 with hubby Dean McDermott.

Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck sure knows how to make his girl feel loved! Rumor has it, the handsome star gave his wife Jennifer Garner a stunning seven-carat diamond ring for “being a good mom.” But Mr. Affleck is no stranger to outrageous gifts; He reportedly once gave Jennifer Lopez a jewel encrusted toilet—complete with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. Wowza! Wonder if J. Lo was flushing with thanks over that one? (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

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Jude Law

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Jude Law is as generous as he is good looking! One Christmas he showered former flame Sienna Miller with a restored baby grand piano for their North London mansion. If that’s not extravagant enough, he hid a diamond and sapphire ring inside (worth $200,000) as a special surprise. But as amazing as this gift (and proposal) was, sadly the couple didn’t last.


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Beyoncé’s hot hubby Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but his Bugatti ain’t one! In 2010 the sexy songstress gifted her man the world’s fastest car worth a cool $2 million big ones for his December birthday (let’s hope it qualified for his Christmas present too). But spending this amount of dough is nothing for the superstar couple; Jay-Z rang in the holiday cheer by buying her $350,000 worth of Birkin bags from Hermes.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

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And speaking of cars, Nick Cannon showed his holiday love for sweetheart Mariah Carey with a $400,000 Phantom Rolls-Royce, complete with personalized “mommyMC” license plate. Well, one thing’s for sure—“dembabies” are riding in style!


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