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10 Movies That Make Us Want to Work Out

Long before "Fitspiration" boards become a thing on Pinterest (hey, follow us!), we found workout motivation on the big screen. It's time to pay homage to some of Hollywood's most sweat-inspiring celebrities—whether that be to the fierce character they embodied, or just how sculpted they looked onscreen. We laughed...we cried...we laced up our running sneaks. (Need more inspo? Check out these 25 Female Celebrities with Awesomely Toned Abs.)

Blue Crush
Before Kate Bosworth became a widely celebrated Coachella Queen and style star, she and her tight surfer-girl bod gave us major #bootygoals. (Get a body just like Kate's with Surf-Inspired Exercises to Sculpt Lean Muscle.)

Jessica. Alba's. ABS. That is all. (Get Jessica Alba's Secrets to Looking Fierce in a Bikini.)

Stick It
Even the aerodynamically-challenged can appreciate the insane amount of strength it takes to hurl oneself through the air. The high school gymnasts in this movie have the sickest bodies (and attitudes) ever.

Dirty Dancing
Nobody puts baby in the corner, but Jennifer Grey definitely put herself in beastmode while training for this movie. Patrick Swayze's uber-fit dancer physique isn't particularly bad to look at either. JUST SAYIN'.

The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence is famous for her body positive approach towards Hollywood's harsh standards—even though her Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen has insane endurance levels. (Lawrence gets real about exercise in Refreshingly Honest Celebrity Body Confessions.)

Step Up
Yes, we're still talking about dance movies. But the fact that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum fell in love on set had to have something to do with those killer dancer bodies.

Summer Catch
Jessica Biel has one of the most athletic bodies in Hollywood (we hear she loves playing beach volleyball). This slow-mo pool exit alone is enough to remind us to take the stairs all week. (And maybe do this Fat-Sizzling Stairs Workout.)

Bring It On
Super toned bodies aside (looking at you, Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku), Bring It On 

Katniss isn't the only teen heroine that makes us want to slap on some boxing gloves at the gym. Shailene Woodley's Tris has no problem taking on adversaries twice her size in Divergent, which means we can certainly best our own snooze button. 



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