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10 Reasons to Follow These Gymnasts Long After the Olympics Are Over

They Post Pet Pics

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Tumbling queen @alyraisman isn't shy about letting her new pup Gibson kiss her, and she proves it by posting adorable pictures the two together. Raisman rescued Gibson after meeting him during a photoshoot as part of the Clear the Shelters campaign early this summer. Seeing Olympians in their sparkly leotards is awesome, obviously, but sneak peeks into their home lives is even cooler.

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They Know How to Really Chill

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A hammock and a good book—now that's our idea of a rest day. USA gymnast Samuel Mikulak has the right idea, and after all that training, he deserves some time off.

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You Can Steal Thier Beauty Secrets

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There's a reason Simone Biles has 1.1 million Instagram followers: This girl is just like us. Well, besides the gold medals and Olympic records—she's walking away from Rio as the greatest gymnast of all time! But head wraps and face masks? That's so us!

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They Show Their Softer Side

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Jake Dalton took a moment to say hello to this service dog Millie during his second Olympics, and before you ask...yes, he got permission to pet her.

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They're Always Down for Movie Night

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Dinner and a movie? Sounds like our kind of night. Gabby Douglas shows us she isn't afraid to act like a kid again, and enjoy the new TMNT movie and a slice of pizza—hold the pepperoni, though. Douglas says she's a cheese-only kinda girl.

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They Put Family First

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There's nothing sweeter than a new dad's joy. Alex Naddour shows us he's a real family man with this collage of pics with his wife and new baby girl. This is not just #hotdadgoals but serious #familylifegoals.

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They Take Their Coffee Seriously

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Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Johnson understands the power of a good cup of coffee, and she shows off this cute cup of joe (and flawless mani) at the Nike House in Rio.

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They Support Their Friends

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USA gymnast John Orozco is always rooting for his teammates. He's showing his real talent is in sportsmanship and grit as he recovers from his mother's death last year and an ACL injury in July that forced him off of the Olympic team.

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They Define Relationship Goals

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For the past few months, we've been obsessing over Nastia Liukin, who graced us with her knowledge and charisma at the Olympics yet again, only this time as a commentator during the women's gymnastic competitions. Her pics with fiancé Matt Lombardi are just too cute to be true.

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The Guys DO Hang with the Girls

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We don't often see the men and women of U.S. gymnastics together, but thanks to Logan Dooley, we're reminded that they are both part of a bigger, bolder, more badass unit than we even realized. 

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